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Generic Harvoni: 8 Week Treatment | 56 Tablets | $995 Free Shipping Worldwide

My doctor said I only require 8 week harvoni treatment? I went to SunnyPharma.org, their website says 12 weeks of Harvoni for $1195? How come they don’t have 8 weeks of Sovaldi treatment or 8 weeks or Harvoni treatment?

It seems that most people require on average 12 weeks of direct acting antivirals, that’s why they buy harvoni in india or buy harvoni online. When you buy harvoni online from India, you gotta go with an organization you can trust like Soul of Healing, the US non profit, because of the cost of harvoni in Canada or the cost of harvoni in the US is about $95,000 give or take a few thousand dollars for the treatment of hepatitis C.

100% Money Back Guarantee If You're Not Cure of Hepatitis CIf you buy Harvoni…if you buy harvoni online or if you buy harvoni in India, you must take care and make sure you get a guarantee. Cost of hep c treatment all over the world is outrageous and very expensive. The best thing to do is go for the generic Harvoni. Generic harvoni cost is about $1000 to a max of $2000. Generic hep c drugs are licensed and authorized to be manufactured by Gilead Sciences in India. So you get Gilead Harvoni for very low price and its the real deal, there is no difference. Its like bottled water with two brand labels on it. Genotype 2 Harvoni is the most widely used hepatitis C treatment around the world. Gilead hep c drug cost is $95,000 in the US. Harvoni 90 400 means 90mg ledipasvir and 400mg sofosbuvir. It comes in one tablet, so harvoni 90 400 mg tablet price is about $1200. There is no harvoni 90mg. Harvoni alternative is the generic versions of the drug made in India. Only go with a company that is registered with the US government.

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Harvoni and cirrhosis, it can help but you must consult with your doctor. Please look at the image below for more information.


Harvoni and insurance coverage is very low only about 15% to 18% of the people with hepatitis C get help from their insurance company. Harvoni approval again is difficult. Harvoni approval criteria is you must have a fibroscan of 3 or more.


However, harvoni cure rate is almost 95%. Harvoni manufacturer, Gilead Sciences understands this and make it out of reach for most people with hepatitis C.  Harvoni India is able to make this en masse and distribute it to low and middle income countries. Harvoni hep c relapse rate is very low almost 5%. Harvoni hep c cure rate is very high, its rare a relapse occurs. The dosage for harvoni is 1 tablet a day for 84 days.

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